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2023 Spring NYOS Scholastic Chess Tournament

April 1st Scholastic chess tournament in multiple sections. G/30, d5. Trophies and medals awarded.
Online registration is now open.

Visit the PreRegistration List to see who will be playing .


USCF rated chess tournament on April 1st in multiple RATED scholastic sections: K-3 U300, K-3 U500, K-3 U800, K-5 U300, K-5 U500,  K-5 U800, K-5 U1000,  6-12 U600, 6-12 U1000, and K-12 Elite (for players rated 950-1400). Please note: all scholastic players rated 1400 and over must play in the Open section. View the preregistration list online. Please note, at the event pairings will be posted only online.  

This is a Swiss-system tournament, so everyone plays all day—there is no “elimination.” Players must know how to play the game of chess! We follow USCF rules including: touch-move, mandatory clocks if available, and notation. K-3 and younger sections are excused from taking notation. Please review the Parent/Coach Responsibilities before registering


NYOS Charter School
12333 N Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78753


This is a rated tournament. You must have a USCF ID and your membership (can be purchased/renewed at check out or online with the USCF in advance of registration) . You can verify your USCF membership ID and expiration by visiting the USCF’s Member Services Area. Anyone can become a USCF member. Players new to tournament chess are welcome to play. Your USCF membership cannot expire before April 30, 2023. USCF memberships can be renewed/purchased at check-out. (New players in 3rd grade and below may request a non-member ID as a part of USCF’s Junior Tournament Player program during registration. JTPs ok in K-3 sections only.)

“Under” sections are only for students meeting the rating criteria. All players who are new to tournaments are eligible for their age appropriate ‘under’ section. (Look up your player’s rating here. Please email the registrar or ask your chess coach for placement information.
If your 6th grader attends an Elementary School, please contact the registrar for options. With enough registrations, any section may be divided into two sections. Sections with fewer than 20 entries may be merged into a similar section.

Please note: MARCH 2023 ‘Regular’ OTB ratings will be used for pairing purposes. If no regular rating is available, then other USCF ratings (quick, blitz, online) can and will be considered for section placement.  Requests to play down will not be honored. FYI: The 2023 Region VI Championship rating results will NOT make it into the March Supplement, as that event takes place after March ratings are calculated.

All players in this event must be in 12th grade (or lower).


No check-in necessary for preregistrations. We will make every attempt to contact you in advance if we see a problem with your registration. Verify your entry ONLINE!
8:30 a.m Announcements begin in all scholastic playing rooms.
Players and coaches should be present.
9:00 a.m. Rd 1 begins. Scholastic sections have 5 rds, G/30, d5.
9:00 a.m. Open section (different event allowing adults) begins.
 Open has 4 rounds, all rounds are are G/45, d5.
9:15 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Problem desk open. No changes for round 1 (bye or section) allowed after online registration closes. Requests for byes, withdrawals, and player or school information edits go in effect immediately if made via email before the close of online registration. Changes requested onsite go into effect as of round 2. NO Onsite registrations.

Approximate Round Times

Scholastic Sections:
round 1 – 9:00am, rd 2 – 11:00am, rd 3 – 12:45 pm, rd 4 – 2:30 pm
rd 5 – 4:00 pm


There will be some “down time” between rounds since many games will finish early. We will provide an area (outside the tournament room) for casual “skittles” chess and/or other indoor activities. Parents and/or coaches, please provide age-appropriate activities during the time between rounds. The organizers cannot baby-sit. No child should be left unattended!

Concessions TBD.  Only water bottles allowed at the chess board.

Proper handwashing and adherence to COVID 19 exposure guidelines mandatory!


Trophies & Medals to Top Contenders! Ribbons to all participants! Trophies to the top individuals in each scholastic section. Trophies to the top teams in all sections. Number of individual and team trophies will depend on number of entries. Chess medals will go to all players (excluding Open section) that finish the tournament with a positive score (3.0 & 3.5 points). Trophies to players scoring 4.0 and above. No teams in Open section, but special trophies will be awarded to the highest scoring Family & Child teams (Uncles, Aunts, Adult siblings, Parents, or Grandparents paired with at least one scholastic aged player.)

Registration Information

Entry fee pricing is staggered and based on date of entry/payment. Register online today!  NO onsite registrations accepted.

*Super Early entry $35 thru Saturday 2/11/2023.
*Early entry $40 thru Saturday 2/25/2023.
* Regular entry $45 thru Saturday, 3/18/2023.
*Late entry $50 begins Sunday, 3/19/2023 and ENDS at NOON on Wednesday 03/29/2023, at which time online entry closes.
*No onsite entries allowed. No entries accepted after online registration closes.

Withdrawals requested via email before NOON on Wednesday 3/29/23 are eligible for a refund (minus a $5 service fee). No refunds for USCF memberships after purchased from the USCF. NO email/phone entries.

Please request byes when you register if possible. First bye receives 1/2-point. Further byes receive 0-points. Email the registrar to make changes to your requested byes. Deadline to add or remove a 1st round requested bye is 9am Friday 03/31/2023. All 1/2-point byes must be requested/removed before the end of round 2.

Email Lori Balkum, registrar ( with other questions. No phone calls, please. Emails will be returned promptly.

Organized by Rocks & Rooks. Gary Gaiffe, tournament organizer (

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Pre-Registration List for the 2023 Region VI Scholastic Chess Championships

All registrations appear automatically. Please allow two to three days for USCF information to be verified, at which point the current rating will be entered. (You may see ratings within sections that seem illogical. Please understand that only after the February supplement is finalized and published will players receive their final section adjustments. Rating changes made after mid to late January will not affect pairings or section placement.)

It is better to register early and change your section later, than to wait to register!

If your name has a , your registration is complete.
If your name has a , the registrar has a question about your registration. Please contact the registrar if you have not already been contacted.
If there is no symbol in front of your name, your USCF verification is in process.

Jump to: K-1 Nov, Prim Nov, Prim JV, Prim Champ, Elem Nov, Elem JV, Elem Varsity, Elem Champ, MS Varsity, MS Champ, HS Varsity, HS Champ, Open Section.

Return to the Region VI tournament page.

K-1 Novice

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Selvam, Maya 30360365143Patsy Sommer
Pittman, Alexis Ruth308985390 – UNRLangley
Robertucci, Luke 309035400 – UNRLangley
Guo, Brayden 30263911260Basis Austin
Chen, Yiheng Ethan30441678287Cactus Ranch
Muthuraman, Krishna 30764023292Laurel Mountain
Pala, Karthik 302204770 – UNRBasis Pflugerville
Quitmeyer, Charlotte 309496680 – UNRWhitestone
Quitmeyer, Juliette 309496700 – UNRWhitestone
Aaronson, Daniel Moshe308513650 – UNRLee
Deshmukh, Unmesh 30895127Plain
Manikandan, Rishi 307528490 – UNRBasis Austin
Aquilia, Eli 309611380 – UNRCasis5
Martens, Lincoln 30567465487Laurel Mountain
Pirani, Nuraiz 308572080 – UNRMeridian
Perez-Ochoa, Natalia Emma30927591
Byers, Abigail 309799242
Section count: 17

Primary Novice

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Anand, Keren Jolly 30535449128Forest Trail
Santhosh, Avneesh 30750837290Laurel Mountain
Ram, Rihaan 308806790 – UNRElsa England
Robertucci, Zane 309035500 – UNRLangley
Cruz, Silas Michael308985740 – UNRLangley
Nair, Rishaan 30632658105Rough Hollow
Raney, Leyah Alessandra309071730 – UNRLangley
Arun, Aidan 304865590 – UNRHoly Family
Nerusu, Rachana 309291200 – UNRBasis Pflugerville
Rodriguez, Theodore 309307330- UNRDoss
Somasundaram, Arul 30692398390Cactus Ranch
Shah, Miloni Bhavin30746379296Basis Austin
Gonzales Jr, William Michael-Anthonypending0 – UNRLangley
Penumatsa , Vakul varma 309344560 – UNRHarmony Science
Lalan, Aaryan B309080600 – UNRElsa England
Venkatesan, Dhanya 309295540 – UNR
Kalyankar, Ira 30409830107Challenger AR
Vijayan, Rudhran 309374070 – UNRElsa England
Romman, Zane 309370430 – UNRRomman Academy
Mahendran, Navtheja 309266560 – UNRBasis Pflugerville
Johnson, Lorelei 30757100105Lee
Coker, Colin 308474640 – UNRSt Francis
Raina, Advika 30497120105Basis Austin
Pellissery , Immanuel Majo 309380410 – UNRHarmony Endeavor
Section count: 24

Primary JV

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Lanka, Aaditya 30646905555Basis Pflugergille
Parackal, Geordan Giby30499305502Elsa England
Sun, Alice 30540358357Spicewood
Kitterman, Timothy Ramsey30675004581Coker
Chakraborty, Aahan 30456077562L Noble
Goyal, Vayun 17166534514Cactus Ranch
Peng, Grace 30665735421Elsa England
Prashanth, Devdatt 30134307428Basis Pflugerville
Los, Nicholas 30409226458 Ladybird Montessori
Vemulapalli, Gautam 30258042721Challenger AR
Vijayaraj , Darshan 30277730546Challenger AR
Satoskar , Shrihaan 308559180 – UNRGreat Oaks
Siva, Siddharth 30561013518Basis Austin
Wang, Janey 30436049410Spicewood
Uppuluri , Venkata Naga Sai 30575167462Tarvin
Arekapudi, Srithan 30483801382Baldwin
Dasi, Sanvika 30381035304Akin
Chodniewicz, Edison 30280271492Regents
Avinashkarthi, Tharun 30675122720Harmony Endeavor
Saravana, Kavin 30746389428Whitestone5
Chui, Jeffrey 308825950 – UNRSapientia
Kollu, Ishta 30379179365Basis Pflugerville
Sues, Owen 308893660 – UNRHighland Park
Section count: 23

Primary Championship

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Anbalagan, Ananyasree 30669157959 – QMott
Sastry, Abhinav 30269584874Clayton
Wang, Kai Yi30528820723Canyon Creek
Han, Samuel Dada30251629894Basis SAMC
Manchanda, Advik 300541761423Basis Austin
Danda, Adhyan Reddy306454491005Basis SAMC
Shi, Samuel Ruiqian30702234791Akin
Section count: 7

Elementary Novice

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Parackal, Geona Giby30499319178Elsa England
Sriram Malarvizhi, Dharshav 304131840 – UNRElsa England
Periyasamy, Sanjeev 30442292359Meridian
Cook, Bayleigh Elizabeth30903587 0 – UNRLangley
Gonzales, Cristian Alejandro309082620 – UNRLangley
Espino, Zarek Andre309095250 – UNRLangley
Contreras-Perez, Alan Santiago309201270 – UNRLangley
Liu, Ying Ge 308739400 – UNRLake Pointe
Dohmen, Grant Frank309457410 – UNRNegley
Sharma, Dhruv 309503450 – UNRFern Bluff1
Menon, Aayush 30440967165Great Hearts
Boppana , Ritvik Sreerama 309355680 – UNRElsa England
Badrinarayanan, Ashwath 309068270 – UNRGreat Oaks
Aaronson, Lily Rebecca309036090 – UNRLee
Vemulapalli, Jaishnavi 300580900 – UNRTarvin
Caballero, Elliott 17186763107Spicewood
Anand, Pranitha 309454390 – UNRMeridian5
Evans, Drew 309209130 – UNRRegents
Aquilia, Ezra 30729640
Anikkottil Menon , Adhvik 309391060 – UNRHarmony Endeavor
Sureboyana, Daksha 30732493106Basis North C
Vageeswaran, Samiksha Sathiya302201591
Ge, Hank Wenhan30756316129Challenger AR
Section count: 23

Elementary JV

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Yu, Benjamin 16935600508Spicewood
Mishra, Darsh 17097771445Basis Pflugerville
Bumireddy, Nidhish Reddy 30719653541Akin
Yu, Bryan 30724082369Basis Austin
Suresh kumar, Thejal shree 30289991565Bill Burden
Jones, James Atticus30729765443Davis
Ni, Alan 30701271506Spicewood
Quitta, Aiden 308984240 – UNRLangley
Pittman, Jessica Elizabeth30411622468Langley
Patel, Neil 30431195264Langley
Christian, Brennan Ricky308986100 – UNRLangley
Santos, Sean Gabriel30419774492Langley
Varshney, Vihaan Kumar 308466170 – UNRClayton
Xue, Stephanie 30714517476Laurel Mountain
Sivakumar, Arush 16610330360Whitestone
Khanna, Aumansh 16914027223Basis Austin
Kaul, Anika 17072545330Patsy Sommer
Veerapaneni, Tanish 30541660510Spicewood
Menon, Aakash 30430146562Great Hearts
Newby, Liam Alexander 16865686523Lake Travis
Phatak, Arjun 30823825357Patsy Sommer
Romman, Rain 309370240 – UNRRomman Academy
Suresh, Shashaang 309085190 – UNRElsa England
Joseph, Asher 30561022422NYOS
Johnson, Aaron 16712141469Lee
Sanepalli, Guna Advik Reddy307908860 – UNRJollyville
Singhal, Viti 17299808224Rutledge
Vellanki, Aarav 309611140 – UNRBaldwin
Martens, Lyla 30328345421Laurel Mountain
Goel, Isha 30494787340Paragon Prep
Gaddam, Abhinav 17218960
Section count: 31

Elementary Varsity

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Skripkina, Elizaveta 30018613795Mills
Lu, Nathan 30209766725Spicewood
Desu, Srihaas 30037713796Reagan E
Islam, Nameer 30325677963Teravista
Song, Ruichen 30286869467Kiker
Suresh kumar , Jaikrish pukazh 30290025654Bill Burden
Dumpala, Advik 30567424584Basis Pflugerville
Deng, Anbo 30468720691Patsy Sommer
Guo, Aaron 16913987608Long-View Micro
Bates, Dallin 30745147498AAH
Abrol, Riaan 30161373831Patsy Sommer
Lan, Kai 30658202756Elsa England
Lan, Juanshu 30715338722Elsa England
Wang, Alexander 30464175621Elsa England
Addo, Ronen Eyal30707201915Laurel Mountain
Zhou, Jayden Yufei16961847684Laurel Mountain
Veerapaneni, Yashas 16783046693Spicewood
Shi, Eric 306681051049Laurel Mountain
Uzdyaev, Gleb 308836580 – UNRCox
Bejawada, Surya 17310034694Parkside
Balamurugan, Saipratik 30014322916Meridian
Rao, Arjun 30579277405Laurel Mountain
Wang, Cynthia 17324563622Spicewood
Palamarthy, Shreya 301253120 – UNRCanyon Creek
Chodniewicz, Asher 30288162878Regents
Velkur, Nandakumar 17112591800Basis Pflugerville
Vazhkudai, Siddharth S30721824510Whitestone
Mamidi, Harshul 17257318660Patsy Sommer
Sridhar, Tharun 30747478828Parkside
Xu, Alexander 17116525613Little Tiger
Jonnalagadda, Arjun 30719678608Basis Pflugerville
Devabhaktuni, Nikhil 30050748
Patil, Darsh 30895213
Section count: 33

Elementary Championship

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Ramey, Alexander 302801351205Regents
Subramony, Vishnu 302913481131Bear Creek
Vyas, Miransh Purven30722465895Elsa England
Saberi, Christopher 171164901032Regents
Ganesh, Rithik 172934161200Basis Austin
Pidathala, Srikar 16941865885Patsy Sommer
Polamraju, Sukruth S17313708742Pleasant Hill
Guo, Shawn 302636641008Basis Austin
Grandhi, Aditya 170621561142Eanes
Rios, Sofia 304241101179Ladera
Gao, Albert 30496668696Challenger AR
Omshankar, Vyas 305435081117Laurel Mountain
Dosapati, Jishnu sai 173078210 – UNRHerrington
Shah, Malav Bhavin30124237912Patsy Sommer
Kandikayala, Srikar 168032131711Basis North C
Serikar, Arav 303608531029Cox
Anand, Sayan 167376011013Laurel Mountain
Section count: 17

Middle School Varsity

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Santhosh, Vihan 16240570796Canyon Vista
Jin, Massa 16948104425Basis Austin
Parackal, Geoff Giby17192703784Pearson Ranch
Ramirez, Micah S16021333158Valor Kyle
Ramirez, Ian V16021312264Valor Kyle
Arunachalam, Arunachalam 156823531002Canyon Vista
Arunachalam, Raghavan 16586481593Canyon Vista
Selvam, Sara P17319893704Cedar Valley
Deshpande, Tejas Devendra30405279648A Henry
Lijoy, Joseph 14768968865Cedar Valley
Periyasamy, Maheshkumar 30300975735Meridian
Kommuru, Lakshit 308780270 – UNRLHMS
Goyal, Vivaan 17049946561Walsh
Bates, Evan 30745116904AAH
Espino, Katarina L.16237870680Bernal
Kapasi, Gautam Sanjay16717848710Canyon Vista
Srinivasan, Sriram 16854047961Basis Pflugerville
Rodriguez, Malcolm 309306880 – UNRParagon
Vichare, Ravi Nikhil16596932559Canyon Vista
Vatsal, Shaurya 17164207724Pearson Ranch
Bhattiprol, Surya Koundinya 16695125932NYOS
Shappell, Joshua 15885102811Cornerstone SA
Kaul, Krrish 16596843860Walsh
Gonzales, Isabella 15936760743Bernal
Kapalavai, Abhinav 17045518758Stiles
Bhadurgatte Nagaraj, Varun 16453922305Cedar Valley
Romman, Raya 309370180 – UNRRomman Academy
Suresh, Shubhaang 309085280 – UNRPearson Ranch
Tapdiya, Ruchir 309300000 – UNRCanyon Vista
Chodniewicz, Beckham 30288144825Regents
Ballard, JoDee Nicole308859750 – UNRDailey
Gupta, Shloak 16962066746Stiles
Dash, Rohan 30329426743Canyon Vista
Su, Albert 308255930 – UNRBee Cave MS
Karnatak, Mridul 30701511328Basis Austin
Kumar, Ishaan 309553050 – UNRStiles
Hemani, Aahil 16311345874Canyon Vista
Chokshi, Ishaan S16722607739Cedar Valley
Chandraganti, Aarnav Sai30978241
Section count: 39

Middle School Championship

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Boggarappu, Janya 30664115674Daniel
Mezouh, Nick 162524151038Hill Country Christian
Pidathala, Esha 168082041138Cedar Valley
Nadar, Jovan Mahen158215961270Meridian
Sastry, Adya 30273432989Kealing
Tirumala, Advay 158215751184Cedar Valley
Xue, Leo 160041671471Canyon Vista
Ramireddy, Lahari 16432780723Cedar Valley
Lee, Bryan Chen15934255941Canyon Vista
Raju, Yakshwag Reddy168014422049Basis Shavano
Newby, Logan James157986031313Hudson Bend
Dasi, Shreyes 171165041061Stiles
Aki, Devin 309233000 – UNRA Henry
Section count: 13

High School Varsity

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Rylee, Ian 30057961868Westlake HS2
Deiss, Jonathan Bradley30869557593 – QVeritas
Spradling, Gregory 309431460 – UNRWaterloo
Arun, Diya 309777320 – UNRRRHS
Section count: 4

High School Championship

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Modica, Jared 303358691670NYOS
Gawiser, Zachary 156089411009Westwood
Arunachalam, Annamalai 167408871575Vandegrift
Reddy, Tanvi 150712881620Westwood
Cai, Benjamin 163226271498LASA
Miller, Collin Alexander149670071952Westlake
Mishra, Priyadarsi 156129321704Westwood
Klipec, Chase 301711121841Westwood
Section count: 8

Open  Section

NameUSCF IDRatingFamily/Child TeamByes
Ramey, John 303877101279Ramey
Ramirez, Vicente 126370441442Ramirez
Romman, Ronnie 309368840 – UNRRomman
Little, Darrin 309278980 – UNR
Section count: 4

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Total scholastic tournament registrants: 239

Open Section registrants: 4

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2023 National Middle School (K-8) Championship

This is a DON’T MISS event! The National Middle School Tournament offers sections for every ability level. Players only need to be 8th grade or younger. 


The tournament takes place over a long weekend, with games on Friday, April 21st thru Sunday, April 23rd.


The tournament takes place at the Kalahari Resort and Convention Center in Round Rock.


Format:  7SS, G/90 d10.  (NEW time control!) 

7 Sections:  K-8 Championship, K-8 U1700, K-8 U1400, K-8 U1100, K-8 U900, K-8 U700, and K-8 Unrated.  “Playing up” is allowed.  Unrated players may play either Championship or Unrated sections only.  April rating supplement will be used.

Byes: Maximum two half-point byes available any round if requested prior to the start of Rd. 1.  A half-point bye in round 1 must be requested at the time of registration, or on-site before 11 AM Friday.  A half-point bye request for rounds 2-7 not requested in advance must be requested two hours before the scheduled start of round 2.  Byes may not be revoked after Rd. 1.

Scoring: Team score = total of top four (minimum two) finishers from each school per section. K-8 Championship first place individual and team, including ties, will be the National Middle School Champion.

Awards: Medals to top individuals & trophies to top teams in each section.  Every player receives a commemorative item! Full list of awards on tournament website.


More information and registration is now available. Visit our online TLA  for more event details, including schedule, fees, and site information.
Visit to register for the event!