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Thank you to all who participated at the 2024 Spring NYOS Scholastic Chess Tournament and open section  on April 13, 2024. Final Standings are available (link thru the tournament website) and the event has been rated by the USCF!

Rocks & Rooks is partnering with DVISD to offer the 2024 Spring Del Valle Scholastic Chess Tournament with accompanying Open Section!  This SOUTH AUSTIN tournament will be held on April 27th at Del Valle High School.  Registration is now open.  Please help us make this a great event!!

We invite you to join the Texas Chess Association in remembering a true Texas legend.  Luis Salinas (1956-2024) directed thousands of tournaments in decades of service to the Texas Chess Association and the Dallas Chess Club. Over Memorial Day weekend the Arlington Chess Club is hosting the Luis Salinas Memorial 79th Annual Texas State and Amateur Championships. This is a  heritage event crowning state champions and also offers a one-day scholastic event.

SAVE THE DATE! The Austin Chess Club will be hosting a 2024 SUMMER OPEN over the weekend of August 16-18 again at the South Park hotel. You don’t want to miss this one. Details coming soon!
Congratulations to all participants in the 2024 Region VI Scholastic Championships  held in San Antonio and hosted by Complete Chess on February 17th. Final standings are available, and the event has been rated by the USCF.
A big THANK YOU to everyone wow played in the  January  26-28th   Austin Chess Club Winter Open 2024. The final results have been posted, the event has been rated by the USCF, and has been submitted to FIDE.
Players from Austin and San Antonio gathered at the LBJ Museum for the 8th Austin-San Antonio Shootout. The event hadn’t been held since 2018, but a number of previous Shootout players came out again to represent their home cities. It was like a reunion! San Antonio had 2 players who weren’t able to play last-minute, but they had 2 alternates and so were still able to field a full team of 20 players. The Austin alternates played against each other. The final score was Austin 26.5, San Antonio 13.6, and Austin brought home the trophy until next year. Final Results have been posted (link above), and the event was rated by the USCF.

The Austin Chess Club has a new home and is now meeting every Saturday afternoon! Attendance is open to anyone wishing to meet others and play casual and/or rated chess games in person. The new Austin Grandmaster Chess Academy is also offering In-Person and Online Trainings,  monthly tournaments as well as regular open play opportunities.

And there are lots of wonderful out of town events being offered all over our great state.  San Antonio’s Complete Chess is meeting regularly, hosting a variety of OTB events. The Waco Chess Club has begun hosting events as well. Virtual events are also going strong! Central Texas thanks you for your participation!  Please check out Texas Chess Association’s calendar for other chess opportunities, both online and OTB!

Congratulations to Sarah Brauner, our new Region VI Director! She can be contacted at txchessmom@gmail.com. It’s time to submit bids for the 2024 Region VI Scholastic Championships!

Please consider supporting local events (camps, tournaments, etc) whenever the opportunities present themselves! Responding quickly to new opportunities is the only way we are going to keep chess opportunities in our local area.
 If you wish to advertise your chess event, please contact us.