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2023 Llano Scholastic and Open Tournaments – Pairings, Wall Charts and Standings

The 2023 Llano Open tournament (for adults and any youth) and the 2023 Llano Scholastic tournament (for players in 12th grade and younger), both held on Saturday, November 11-12, 2023.

Thank you for playing!

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Due to some last minute cancellations and wonderful player flexibility, we were able to be creative with sections!

Open Event

Advance Entries:  Open

G/25+5, round robin

Final Results:
Cross Table (round by round results)

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K-3 and K-5 combined

Advance Entries:  K-3
Advance Entries: K-5

G/25 +5, 5-round swiss

Final Results: 
Table (includes tie-breaks)

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Advance Entries: K-12

G/20 +5 double round robin

Final Results:
Cross Table (rating order with round by round results)

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