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Advance Entries! C.J. presents Chess in the Hill Country – Llano 2023 OPEN Chess Tournament

All registrations appear automatically. Please allow one to two days for USCF information to be verified, at which point the rating will be entered. (You may see ratings within sections that seem illogical. Please understand that only after the November 2023 rating supplement is finalized and published will players receive their final section adjustments. Rating changes made late October will not affect pairings or section placement.)

It is better to register early and change your section later, than to wait to register!

If your name has a , your registration is complete.
If your name has a , the registrar has a question about your registration. Please contact the registrar if you have not already been contacted.
If there is no symbol in front of your name, your USCF verification is in process.

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Open Section

NameUSCF IDRatingByes
Ulip, Arturo Centro315120250 – UNR5
Baumann, Herbert Allen1117193117023
O’Hern, Colin 315430420 – UNR3
Sherif H, Yaseen 307962981776
Liu, Kevin 1473757320905
Section count: 5

Reserve U1200 Section

NameUSCF IDRatingByes
Section count: 0

Total open tournament registrants: 5