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Advance Entry List for the Saturday Scholastic at the 2024 ACC Summer Open

All registrations appear automatically. Please allow one to two days for USCF information to be verified, at which point the rating will be entered. (You may see ratings within sections that seem illogical. Please understand that only after the August 2024 rating supplement is finalized and published will players receive their final section adjustments. Rating changes made late July will not affect pairings or section placement.)

It is better to register early and change your section later, than to wait to register! Please see the tournament description for your options if your player’s rating hits 1000+.

If your name has a , your registration is complete.
If your name has a , the registrar has a question about your registration. Please contact the registrar if you have not already been contacted.
If there is no symbol in front of your name, your USCF verification is in process.

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K-6 U600

NameUSCF IDRatingByes
Jiang, George 30880253446
Kim, Siwoo 31796240105
Zehtabi, Nima 31550587325
Rawcliffe, Parley 31819990418
Rawcliffe, Carden 31830943579
Jaiswal, Amish 31781511
Section count: 0

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K-12 U1000

NameUSCF IDRatingByes
Ganesan, Tejus 30660921709
Uzdyaev, Gleb 30883658856
Palsule, Om Ninad31348373675
Chui, Jeffrey 30882595648
Raina, Advika 30497120820
Shi, Samuel Ruiqian30702234898
Yu, Benjamin 16935600786
Jonnalagadda, Arjun 30719678874
Pirani, Nuraiz 30857208768
Bhargav, Ryan 31339682605
Katooru , Praneel 31034004709
Vemulapalli, Jaishnavi 30058090228
Chakraborty, Aahan 30456077873
Liu, Xinzhe 17186715
Modi, Hiya 31878631
Section count: 15

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Total scholastic tournament registrants: 21