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2024 Region VI Scholastic Chess Championships

Thank you for playing! Final standings are available, and the event has been rated by the USCF.

USCF rated Scholastic chess tournament on 2/17/2024  in 13 sections. Trophies, medals, and regional championships awarded. Accompanying Adult section offered.  Hosted by Complete Chess.

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USCF rated chess tournament on February 17th in 14 RATED scholastic sections open to all Region VI players:
High School (9-12) Championship
High School (9-12) U1000
Middle School (6-8) Championship
Middle School (6-8) U1000
Middle School (6-8) U600

Elementary (K-5) Championship
Elementary (K-5) U800
Elementary (K-5) U400
Primary (K-3) Championship
Primary (K-3)  U800
Primary (K-3) U600

Primary (K-3) U400
Sprout (K-1) U600
Adult (no youth)

* Elementary sections are restricted to Elementary students. Middle School sections are restricted to Middle School students. Homeschoolers should follow traditional age guidelines, with 6th grade age players in Middle School.

If turnout for any one section is small (under 17 players), we may (or may not) merge it with another section having the same time controls and neighboring ratings or grades.


Dwight Middle School
2454 W. Southcross
San Antonio, TX 78211


This tournament is an official Texas Chess Association sanctioned event. TCA has specific guidelines on section placement. If you are unsure of which section you should choose, please read a description of the TCA guidelines.

“Under” sections are only for students meeting the rating criteria. All players who are new to tournaments are eligible for their age appropriate ‘under’ section. (Look up your player’s rating here. Please email ask your chess coach for placement information, or email the

You must have a USCF ID and your membership cannot expire before February 28, 2024.

Schedule and Round Times

Round time Championship Sections and Adult section:
• In person registration at 8:00-8:45 am if not done online.
• Rounds start promptly on Feb 17th at 9:00am, 10:15am, 11:30am 1:15pm and 3:00pm.

• Rounds 1, 2, & 3: G/30;d5
• Rounds 4, & 5: G/45;d5.

Round times for all ‘Under’ Sections (U1000,U800,U600,U400):

• In person registration at 8:00-8:45 am if not done online.
• Rounds start promptly on Feb 17th at 10:00am, 11:15am, 12:20pm, 1:00pm and 2:10pm.

• All Rounds: G/30;d5

Speed games will determine the winner if multiple perfect scores occur.


Individual or team winners of each championship section are declared the Texas Region VI champion for their respective grade group.
Individual  trophies are awarded in each advertised scholastic section, even if merged
Individual cash prizes (50% payout based on 20 entries) are awarded in the Adult section (see website for specifics).
Medals are awarded to all non-trophy players with positive scores in non-adult sections.
Team trophies are awarded separately in each section. School teams count the top four players (minimum two) in their respective sections. Exact number and division of trophies will depend on advance entries for individuals and teams.

Registration Information

Entry fee pricing is staggered and based on date of entry/payment. Onsite entries accepted, but may require a round 1 bye.

Register ONLINE today!

*January entry $30 thru 1/31/2024
* February entry $40 thru 02/16/2024
* Onsite entry $50 on  02/17/2024

Withdrawals requested via email no later than Saturday 2/10/2024 are eligible for a refund (minus a $7 processing and transaction fee).

One 1/2-point available for any round if notified before Round 2 is paired. Further byes receive 0-points. No last round byes. Email to make changes to your requested byes.


Contact Complete Chess ( with any questions.

Organized by Complete Chess.