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Luis Salinas Memorial 79th Annual Texas State and Amateur Championships

Description: Visit the event website. Organized by the Arlington Club, this is an Annual TCA State Championship tournament USCF and FIDE rated swiss chess tournament in two sections (Championship and Amateur) open to players from all states. There will be 7 rounds in total. 

DFW Airport Marriott South
4151 Centreport D
Fort Worth, TX 76155

Championship: 7 rounds, Swiss, G/90;+30. Must be rated 2000 or above (Regular rating) by either US Chess or FIDE to play in this section or have had a provable 2000 or higher regular rating in the past. The defending Texas Amateur Champion may also play in this section. Foreign unrated players may play in this section and, at TD/Organizer discretion, may be required to play in this section.

 Place Prizes: $1000/$500/$280
Other Prizes: 2200-2399 $720, U2200 $720. 
Texas State Champion: The highest scoring Texas player(s), including ties, will be named “Texas State Champion.”

Amateur: 7 rounds, Swiss, G/90;+30. Available to players with ratings under 2000 and unrated players.

Place Prizes: $800/$400/$200
Class prizes: (if any) depend on entries.
Texas Amateur Champion: The highest scoring Texas player(s), including ties, will be named “Texas Amateur Champion.”

Schedule (4-day or 3-day):
4-day Round 1 – Fri: 7:15 pm
3-day Round 1 – Sat: 9:30 am
Sections merge in round 2.
Round 2 – Sat: 2:45 pm
Round 3 – Sat: 7:30 pm
Round 4 – Sun: 11:30am
Round 5 – Sun: 5:15pm
Round 6 – Mon: 9:30am
Round 7 – Mon: 2:45pm

Byes: Up to two 1/2-point byes are available if requested before the end of round 2 and before receiving a full-point bye, but 1/2-point byes for both rounds 6 and 7 are NOT permitted.

Entry Fee: $119, if received by 5/19, else $139, senior (over 65)/handicapped/additional family participant $79 if received by 5/19 else $99.  Scholastic event entry fee is $39 by 5/19, $49 after. After 5/23 all registration and changes are onsite only.

Changes/Refunds: All refunds and changes must be requested by email and sent to No refunds after 5/20. After 5/23, all registration and changes are onsite only. Changes and withdrawals are subject to a $10 fee.

Side Events:  A K-12 Scholastic will be offered on Saturday, May 25th.  Visit the event website for more details.