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Entry List for the Austin Chess Club Winter Open 2024

All registrations appear automatically. Please allow one to two days for USCF information to be verified, at which point the current supplement rating will be entered. (You may see ratings within sections that seem illogical. Please understand that only after the January 2024 rating supplement is finalized and published will players receive their final section adjustments. Rating changes made late December will not affect pairings or section placement.)

It is better to register early and change your section later, than to wait to register!

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NameUSCF IDRatingScheduleByes
Vyas , Miransh Purven3072246515343-day
Franco, Michael 1692884419113-day
Shen, Yangyang 1708050318273-day
Shafer, Logan 1601996619923-day
Jimenez, Luis A1473698318223-day
Melillo, Lucius 1557019522043-day
Zhang, Oscar 3006743518333-day
Thilop, Aarav 1657029119183-day
Mysore, Abhinav Naveen1644494019683-day
Martins, Devin Sanjay1593434418673-day
Raju, Yakshwag Reddy1680144220043-day
Kandikayala, Srikar 1680321318253-day
Li, Rachael 1545230022642-day
Wang, Ethan Yizhe1542968119483-day
Wang, Kyle Yiwen1658670020773-day
Bist, Atharva 1645135520543-day
Gu, Samuel 3005091317492-day1
Dotson, John Bernard1034635518003-day
Pirani, Shams 1591986117733-day
Blangy, Alexandre 1496368518662-day
Fang, Elbert 1639641320403-day
Section count: 21


NameUSCF IDRatingScheduleByes
Johnson, Emerson Aurelius3072909914502-day
Lan, Kai 3065820213313-day
Reddy, Tanvi 1507128816473-day
Yerramothu, Praneeth 3017391115813-day
Sykora, Landon 1284020315232-day
Valdez, Joseph 1261597514153-day
Kamireddy , Ruthvik 3028317914592-day
Davis, Alan 1346841415322-day
Shivam, Zephan 1600404215823-day
Avila-Patricio, Friday Jean-Alexander1287537816712-day
Manchanda, Advik 3005417616153-day
Desu, Srihaas karthikeya3003771311913-day
Kaul, Krrish 1659684316303-day
Wang, Kai 3052882010863-day
Felipe-fuentes, Felipe 1545874016043-day
Salazar, Daniel 1040087215032-day
Joseph, Julian 167831773-day
Section count: 17


NameUSCF IDRatingScheduleByes
Chen, Yiheng Ethan304416789803-day
Stenglein, Jack 3100552513723-day
Sahin, Taha 1681609510202-day
Rothenbuhler, Micah Lee3092222712232-day
Werther, Oliver 3075955210523-day
Black, Tristan 3145785611053-day
Veach, Michael S1251965010933-day
Shallenberger, Calum 1274237513173-day
Kaul, Anika Shambhavi170725459093-day
Topalian-Pomata, Nicolas 314205319873-day
Phatak, Arjun 308238258812-day
Bejawada, Surya 173100347472-day
Edge, Jesse McClellan314807640 – UNR3-day
Section count: 13


NameUSCF IDRatingScheduleByes
Zhang, Jake 311629028013-day2
Phatak, Ashwin 311233627082-day
Pirani, Nuraiz 308572083733-day
Woroniec, Adam 312942215413-day
Anand, Keren Jolly 305354493-day
Indrakanti , Samvik 167710014383-day
Section count: 6

Total registrants: 51