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ACC USCF Dual-Rated G/45 Swiss

This slow swiss takes place over 2 weeks, with 2 games on July 20th and 2 games on July 27th. G/45 with 5 second delay.  4 round Swiss. Sections dependent on turnout. EF: $20.00 all. Online registration/payment  requested.

USCF membership must not expire before July 31, 2024. Please renew with the USCF ( before coming to the event.

Austin Chess Club is a wonderful atmosphere for the mature, experienced chess player.  Scholastic players are welcome, but expected to play quiet, serious chess. Each round could go down to the wire!

Last chance registration happens onsite 3:00-3:45pm on July 20th. No pre-registration for round 1 is necessary. Email pre-registration is accepted; however, online payment  is preferred)! If you email to register, you must show up and pay no later than 3:45pm! First round begins at 4pm. Please be on time! Participants who wish to enter the tournament late may email Austin Chess Club. Late entry must be made (emailed) before 10am on Saturday, July 27th to secure a round 3 pairing.

The Upbring School of Arts and Sciences
3407 Red River St
Austin TX 78705

Finding the club Click for picture of area.
FIND THE ENTRANCE: Enter the front parking lot of the school via Luther Lane (green line on photo). Find the elevator outside the building (marked on photo by green dot);
go up the stairs to enter via the door, follow the hallway until you find lit classrooms.
PARKING: Additional parking may be found at:

  • St. Paul Lutheran Church parking lot (marked by a blue blotch)
  • Sabina Apartments (underground?) parking, open to the public

For more information about the Austin Chess Club, click here.
Please read the website before contacting us. Contact information is available at (Please read the website before emailing with questions.)