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2023 NYOS Winter Tournament Results

This event was held on Saturday, December 02, 2023 at NYOS Charter School in North Austin.

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Puzzle Contest

Final Award Winners

In order to protect the integrity of this (and potential future) contests, the decision was made not to directly reveal the puzzle answers.  We might, for instance, provide another chance at any unsolved puzzles in the future.
For anyone who would like to find more puzzles in the meantime, however, here are a few suggestions:
  • Chess: 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games, by Laszlo Polgar.  This large puzzle collection sometimes shows up at Half Price Books, is available through Amazon, and has a kindle version.
  •   This website has a lot of resources for children learning chess, including puzzles.
  •   This site has not just standard but also some ‘Retrograde Analysis’ puzzles, which are of the same type as what made up our tricky April Fools problems.
  • Pointing your favorite search engine to “Chess Retrograde Analysis Puzzles” should give a number of hits, but one good resource for specifically this sort of problem is The Retrograde Analysis Corner (  This site includes explanation of what Retro Analysis is and how to approach the problems, as well as more than 3500 such problems.

K-3 U300

K-3 U500

K-3 U800

K-5 U500 (merged with K-5 U300)

K-5 U800

K-5 U1000

6-12 U600

6-12 U1000

K-12 Elite