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2021 Combined Region V and VI Scholastic Championships

Official standings have been posted. The tournament was analyzed for Fair Play by ChessKid and we received an all clear! The tournament has been rated by the USCF.

Review the pre-tournament reminders! An online, 5 round USCF quick-rated chess tournament on Saturday, March 6th for scholastic players in grades K thru 12 who live in TCA’s Scholastic Regions V or VI. View the preregistration list.

In order to provide time to prepare the system, registration closed on Monday, March, 1st. No late entries were accepted.

Who is eligible to play:
You must have a USCF ID and your membership (can be purchased/renewed at check out or online with the USCF in advance of registration) may not expire before March 31, 2021 . You can verify your USCF membership ID and expiration by visiting the USCF’s Member Services Area. Anyone can become a USCF member. Players new to tournament chess are welcome to play. (New players in 3rd grade and below may request a non-member ID as a part of USCF’s Junior Tournament Player Program during registration

All players in this event must be in 12th grade (or lower).

All participants must reside in TCA’s Scholastic Region V or VI.

This event offers 5 rated sections: (March 2021 regular ratings used. The tournament will be US Chess Online Quick-Chess Rated. )
High School Championship
Middle School Championship
Elementary Championship
Elementary U500
Primary Championship
(If registrations exceed 200, more ‘under’ sections will be added and players given the option to move to those sections.)

Choose your section based upon your grade level. There is no ‘playing up’. Review the TCA rules for section placement.

This quick rated tournament begins at 9am on March 6th. All players must ‘join’ the event no later than 8:45am in order to play. Instructions on how the tournament works are available online and will be emailed again a few days before the event.

8:30am – Login to and ‘join’ the tournament
9:00 am – Round 1 begins. All sections have 5 rounds of G/15 +5.
The remaining rounds will follow as soon as possible.
The entire event should take approximately 3 hours.

The results of the tournament will not be final until ChessKid analyzes them for fair play. As soon as results are complete, players will be notified and the event will be rated with the USCF.

Awards to the top players in each section.

Championship sections: The top finishing Region V resident in each Championship section will be named 2021 Region V Champion for that section, and receive an award to commemorate that honor. The top finishing Region VI resident in each Championship section will be named 2021 Region VI Champion for that section, and receive an award to commemorate that honor. An additional 3 awards will be given in each Championship section to the next top finishers with positive scores, after the Regional champions are named.

Non-championship sections: Awards to the top 3 players with positive scores in each non-Championship section.

Registration and information
Register, request or renew a USCF membership (optional if not expired!) and pay online. The entry fee is $35.

Withdrawal requests made by email by February 22, 2021, 11:59pm are eligible for a full refund (minus a $5 service fee).

No refunds are available for USCF memberships after they are purchased from the USCF.

No email or phone entries accepted. Online registration is closed.

Email Lori Balkum, registrar with other tournament related questions.
Email with questions.

Organized by Rocks & Rooks: Gary Gaiffe, tournament organizer.

View the preregistration list here.