What do I do the day of the tournament?

Most importantly, please show up early!
Please make sure you click the “JOIN” button by 8:45am Central.

How to join a Fast Chess Tournament:

Joining the Tournament on ChessKid
• Log into ChessKid.Com using the tournament username that will be shared with you a few days prior to the tournament. If you have a different ChessKid Username that you normally use, it will NOT work for this tournament
• Click on Play -> Play vs. Kid
• Click on your tournament section on the right
• Click “JOIN”. The “JOIN” button will appear 30 minutes before the tournament starts
• Stay on this page and your game will start automatically between 9am-9:03am CST when the tournament begins

The tournament is 5 rounds and the time control for each player is 15 minutes plus a 5 second increment per move. There is no elimination as participants will play all rounds.

• When you finish a game, do not leave the tournament lobby. The lobby shows the number of games remaining, which should give you a good idea how long it will be until the next round begins.
• You may watch other games in observation mode.
• Do NOT exit out of the tournament until the completion of all rounds!
• There will be a 5 minute break between the last game of your section completing and the beginning of your next round. Do not match other opponents.  Your game will start automatically.
• When your last game is completed, you may leave ChessKid. Final results will be shared once all full play can be reviewed for games played.