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2021 – 2022 Texas Scholastic Online Quick Open Chess Championships

An online, 6 round USCF quick-rated chess tournament in ELEVEN SECTIONS on Saturday, January 22, 2022 sponsored by the Texas Chess Association. This quick event is for all scholastic players in grades K thru 12, regardless of residence. Visit the EVENT WEBSITE for full details and online registration.

Six (6) Rounds — G/15 + 2-second increment

Round Times (Central Time Zone):
10am — 11am — 12noon — 1pm — 2pm — 3pm

High School Championship (Grade 9 – 12)
High School JV (U1000; Grade 9 – 12)
Middle School Championship (Grade  6 – 8)
Middle School JV (U900; Grade 6 – 8)
Middle School Novice (U600; Grade 6 – 8)
Elementary School Championship (Grade K – 5)
Elementary School JV (U800; Grade K – 5)
Elementary School Novice (U500; Grade K – 5)
Primary School Championship (Grade K – 3)
Primary School JV (U600; Grade K – 3)
K – 1 Championship (Grade Pre-K – 1)

Playing up is only allowed within the same grade range.

January 2022 US Rating Supplement will be used.  The highest of the Over-the-Board, Online Regular, and Quick ratings determines eligibility for section and prizes.  

Personalized plaques will be awarded to the Top 8 Individuals and Top 3 Teams in each section.  Prizes will be increased based on registrations for each section, at the rate of one extra award for each 10 entries exceeding 80 in any one section.  For example, if a section has 120 players then the top 12 players will receive prizes.  

Team scores
A team must have a minimum of two players to be eligible for team prizes.  There is no maximum number of students who may play for a team.  Only the top four scores count for team standings  and the top four players in a team will get team awards.

The top Texas player in each section will be recognized as the Texas Champion.

$35 by Midnight January 11; $42 by Midnight January 18; $50 by Midnight January 20.

No entries accepted after January 20.

– US Chess Membership, expiring on or after 1/31/2022, required.  Players with no current US Chess membership may be able to obtain a voucher membership at a reduced rate, through US Chess Voucher Membership.  The cost of the voucher US Chess membership is $9.83.

– All games will be played on  All players must have a account in good standing (free account is sufficient).  Any previously closed accounts must be disclosed to the Tournament Organizers prior to the tournament.

– There will be a “Town Hall” meeting on Wednesday 1/19, invitation sent via email.  All players/parents are encouraged to attend and get answers to their questions. 

–  Each player will be required to join a Zoom meeting with an active side-view camera showing them and their computer.  Specific requirements for this video feed are listed on the EVENT WEBSITE.

– All players will be sent a welcome email on Thursday, 1/20, with important details on what players need to do to be ready to play their games, including the Zoom meeting links players must join.  

Communication during the event
Players will be instructed to communicate with the Tournament Directors via the Zoom chat and all players and their games will be subject to detailed Fair-Play review during and post-tournament.

The Organizer and Chief TD reserve the right to remove a player from the tournament and make an adjustment to the scores of the players and her/his opponents.

A full list of rules, regulations, and penalties are listed on the EVENT WEBSITE:

For questions about the event, please contact Franc Guadalupe, or Barbara Swafford.