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Joust 2024: A Casual Chess Event

The Santa Rita Knights Chess Club in Liberty Hill is organizing JOUST 2024! 
A casual chess event for players of all ages and levels to connect, compete for prizes and celebrate the game of chess! 
On Saturday, April 6, from 2 pm until 5 pm, there will be a continuous pyramid ladder tournament going on and lots of opportunity to hang out and play chess, together.
See our flyer and share it with your friends!
Freestyle Community Center
75 Seward Junction Loop 
Liberty Hill, TX 78642
Free parking on the property 
It will be a casual, continuous pyramid ladder tournament. 
When registered, you’ll be placed in the pyramid. Throughout the event, you get to challenge a person from a rung above you. If you win that game, you switch places in the pyramid. 
Win your way to the top of the pyramid and compete for prizes! 
Time Control: 
We’ll play 10 minute games with a 5 second increment. 
No notation required. 
The ladder tournament is continuous, you can play any time between 2 pm and 5 pm. 
If you leave early and get challenged, you’ll forfeit your position in the pyramid to the challenger. 
The event is set up as a casual event, we have fun and we are good sports. 
Entry fees:
$15 to register for the event.

There will be trophies! Organizer is trying to work with local business to get fun prizes sponsored. 

No refunds. We insist on being great stewards of the game and create a safe, inviting environment for everyone. 

Jasper Eden,
Santa Rita Knights on Facebook