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Austin Chess Club 2024 Summer Open

USCF rated swiss chess tournament on August 16-18, 2024.   We offer FOUR sections and a guaranteed prize fund of $5000 and 30 Grand Prix Points. There will be 5 rounds in total over the weekend with two schedules. The Championship and Reserve sections are FIDE rated.

LIMIT 85 players in any single section.

View the Advance Entry List.
Online registration is requested.


Austin Southpark Hotel
4140 Governors Row
Austin, TX 78744

Discounted group room rate at the Austin Southpark Hotel is only $109/night here: Hotel Booking Link

Please support the tournament by staying at the event hotel! Link valid thru 7/26/24.

Round Times

Round 1: Friday, 7:30pm (G/90, +30)
Round 1: Saturday, 9:00am (G/60, +10) (Championship players: *Games in this round will not be FIDE rated*)

ALL PLAYERS (G/90, +30):
Round 2: Saturday, 1pm
Round 3: Saturday, 6:30pm
Round 4: Sunday, 9:30am
Round 5: Sunday 3:00pm

*Reentry: from 3-day to 2-day schedule is available at any point for Intermediate and Novice sections for a $40 fee. Championship and Reserve players may re-enter round 1 for a $40 fee (changing schedules). For entry into round 1, contact us no later than 8:30am, the Saturday of the event.

*If a player is 15 minutes late for round 1 without notice, they will be withdrawn. In Intermediate and Novice sections (non-FIDE) opponents’ games may be reassigned. Forfeit time for rounds 2-5 is 1 hour, but please contact us (Lori Balkum and Sarah Brauner ( if you are running late for any round or wish to withdraw! (Phone number will be posted onsite and provided via email to players prior to round 1). This is showing common courtesy to your opponent!


Only ONE 1/2 point bye allowed.
*Deadline to request/remove half-point byes: Saturday 5pm, or before round 2 ends (whichever comes first for your section)
*Deadline to request zero-point byes/withdraw: before your section is paired for the affected round

Registration and Fees

All registration and payment happens online: Register today!
Entry fees are staggered and we would like for you to register early!

  • $79 if received by Friday, 05/31/2024, 11:59pm CST
  • $89 if received by Sunday, 07/07/2024, 11:59pm CST
  • $109 thru the Wednesday before the tournament (8/14/24), 11:59pm CST
  • $129 thru the Thursday before the tournament (8/15/24), 11:59pm CST  OR onsite, IF space available. Any registrations made onsite after 8:30am, Saturday 8/17 receive a 1st round bye.

Online registrations and online payment are requested. Please contact the registrar ( to request help or accommodations.

Titled players (IM/GM) play for free if space allows. (No entry fees deducted from winnings if registered before June 1! Registrations as of June 1 will have entry fee offered at time of registration deducted from any prizes earned.)  Must register online. Contact registrar ( for coupon code.

Withdrawal with refund available if requested by 7pm on Friday one week before the event (8/09/2024).  After that time, no refunds. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any refunds will incur a $10 processing and transaction fee.

$25 up-charges (listed below) are NON-refundable.  Pay the upcharge later if unsure about eligibility.

Sections and Prizes

$5000 in prizes 100% guaranteed
One prize per person

Four Sections with class prizes.
Players are only eligible for the prizes listed within their section. Limit 85 players in any one section (exceptions granted for ratings 2200+).

Championship (2000+) 
*This section will be FIDE rated and will use FIDE rules. USCF ratings used for pairings.
*Registering for the FIDE section permits the tournament organizers to request a FIDE ID on behalf of a player who does not yet have a FIDE ID.
*Players rated 1900-1999 may pay an extra $25 to compete in this section, but are only eligible for place prizes*
• 1st -$900 2nd-$450 3rd-$225
• Expert (2000-2199): 1st -$350 2nd-$175

Reserve (1600 -1999)
*This section will be FIDE rated and will use FIDE rules. USCF ratings used for pairings.
*Registering for the FIDE section permits the tournament organizers to request a FIDE ID on behalf of a player who does not yet have a FIDE ID.
*Players rated 1500-1599 may pay an extra $25 to compete in this section, but are only eligible for place prizes*
• 1st -$550 2nd-$275 3rd-$135
• Class B (1600-1799): 1st -$250 2nd-$125

Intermediate (1200-1599)
*Players rated 1100 – 1299 may pay an extra $25 at registration to compete in this section, but are only eligible for place prizes*
• 1st -$400 2nd-$200 3rd-$100
• Class D (1200-1400): 1st -$125 2nd-$65

Novice (U1200)
• 1st -$300 2nd-$150 3rd-$60
• U1000: 1st -$120 2nd – $65

**August 2024 Supplement (‘Regular’ OTB) ratings will be used for pairing and placement purposes.  If no regular rating is available, then other USCF ratings (quick, blitz, online) can and will be considered for section placement
**Requests to play down will not be honored.
**Requests to play up will only be honored if the conditions mentioned above are met and the appropriate fee has been paid. You do NOT need to pay the up-charge during registration, if unsure about rating or section. You will be contacted in early August with directions for payment if necessary.
**Unrated players will be placed at TD’s discretion and are only eligible for place prizes
**Unrated players must disclose foreign and online ratings before their section placement is considered complete. Failure to disclose playing history may result in forfeiture and withdrawal from the event.

Device Policy

Internet enabled devices must be turned off completely during play (not just on silent) and must remain in the player’s bag or face up on the playing tablets. Devices may not be removed from the playing hall during your game. Devices include phones, smartwatches, tablets, etc. These may NOT be on the player’s person or leave the board during the games.  Penalties up to or including loss of game and removal from the tournament for violations of this policy. Link to 2024 updated formal device policy.

No notation devices will be approved for the FIDE section. Any notation devices in other sections must be reviewed and logged at chess control no later than 30 minutes prior to player’s first round to receive an approval card. Please review the US Chess Notation Device policy

Spectators, if allowed, must have devices turned completely off.

More Details

Bring your own board and increment capable clock if possible!
The hotel has a restaurant and small store that sells coffees, sandwiches, and other snacks. Check your round times and bring food and drink as necessary. Only water (drinks) allowed at the chess board.  All food must remain outside the playing room. 
We will provide an area for waiting parents and for players to review their chess games.  However, we will not babysit your kids.  No child should be left unattended.

Scholastic Option

We are offering a special one day G/30, d5 tournament specifically for scholastic players rated under 1000. 

Players who qualify for this tournament may participate in BOTH the Summer Open and play all rounds in the Saturday Scholastic by requesting a bye in the Summer Open round 2.

You must register for each event in which you wish to partcipate.


Contact Lori Balkum and Sarah Brauner ( if you have questions about this event.