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2022 Winter Scholastic at Regents School PreRegistration List

All registrations appear automatically. Please allow one to two days for USCF information to be verified, at which point the rating will be entered. (You may see ratings within sections that seem illogical. Please understand that only after the January supplement is finalized and published will players receive their final section adjustments.)

If your name has a , your registration is complete.
If your name has a , the registrar has a question about your registration. Please contact the registrar if you have not already been contacted.
If there is no symbol in front of your name, your USCF verification is in process.

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K-3 U300

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Zhao, Diane 303470840 - UNRBasis Austin Primary
Prashanth, Devdatt 30134307363Basis Austin Primary
Shaw, Nolan 303473080 - UNRLaura Welch Bush
Song, Ruichen 30286869291Basis Austin Primary
Fewel, James 30294997204Lakewood Elementary
Selvam, Maya 303603650 - UNRPatsy Sommer
Dinesh, Sayan 303581640 - UNRMeridian
Narketmelli, Ayaansh 303664000 - UNRHarmony Science
Madathil , Thomas 30300299250Holy Family
Section count: 9

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K-3 U600

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Yu, Benjamin 16935600402Spicewood
Desu, Srihaas K30037713560 - OLQReagan Elementary
Chodniewicz, James Edison30280271350Regents
Chodniewicz, William Asher30288162586Regents
Goyal, Vayun 17166534230Cactus Ranch
Martens, Lyla 30328345494Laurel Mountain
Suresh kumar, Jaikrish pukazh 30290024626Mills
Golagani, Snehan 30273448504Kiker
Section count: 8

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K-5 U600

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Chodniewicz, Joshua Beckham30288144357Regents
Fewel, Jasmine 17077186565Lakewood Elementary
Selvam, Sara P17319893460Patsy Sommer
Wang, Joyce Wan30277752163Canyon Creek
McCarty, David 30259811530Veritas
Sakthi Sri Ganesh, Aashish Sriman 30300002157Herrington Elementary
Suresh kumar, Thejal shree 30289991256Mills
Skripkina, Elizaveta 30018613
Section count: 8

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K-5 U1000

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Sastry, Abhinav 30269584752Clayton Elementary
Senapati, Avni 16783067937Basis Austin
Mannem, Nishanth Harishwar30072402777Meridian
Manchanda, Advik 30054176882Basis Austin Primary
Balamurugan, Saipratik 30014322680Meridian
Wang, Nathan Yueming30279173407Canyon Creek
Thompson , Elijah 17122430998New Braunfels Homeschool
Sankar, Advay 30290783672Meridian
Wang, Cynthia 17324563717Spicewood
Meng, Austin 30322503980Patsy Sommer
Section count: 10

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6-12 U600

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Kannan, Ashvik 30277743575Pearson Ranch MS
Maredia , Shehzer 16334725576Austin Montessori
Arumugam , Periyasamy 30300975180Meridian
Section count: 3

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6-12 U1000

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Sastry, Adya 30273432887Kealing
Goyal, Vivaan 17049946698Walsh MS
Yelovitch, Gilad 16746227997Lake Travis MS1
Section count: 3

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K-12 Any

NameUSCF IDRatingTeamByes
Shen, Yangyang 17080503805Patsy Sommer
Sterling , Brayden 155331411118Alpha
Yelovitch, Alon 169279031120Rough Hollow1
Nadar, Jovan 158215961158Meridian
Gross, Ilai 166571251077Bee Cave MS
Islam, Nameer Raif303256771184Teravista
Katta, Aneesh 162491181082Akin Elementary
Katta, Sai Sathvik 162492071360Rouse HS
Section count: 8

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Open Section

NameUSCF IDRatingParent/Child TeamByes
Thompson, Caleb 169737521635
Xue, Leo 160041671338
Zhang, Oscar 300674351241
Sankar, Aarush 302349501227
Burk, Hunter Duane30279828885
North III, Richard 16358957764
Fewel, Nathan 125776901929Fewel
Verma, Vivek 302546791422
Nyman, James Lee126609801353
Shero, Riley 166724881169
Section count: 10

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Total scholastic tournament registrants: 48

Open Section registrants: 10