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2021 Texas State Scholastic Chess Championships

An online, 7 round USCF quick-rated chess tournament on Saturday, April 3rd for scholastic players in grades K thru 12 who live in Texas, sponsored by the Texas Chess Association. See the results here:

In order to provide time to prepare the system, registration closes at midnight, March 29th

Who is eligible to play:
All players must have a current USCF ID and your membership (can be purchased/renewed at check out or online with the USCF in advance of registration). Your membership may not expire before April 30, 2021 . You can verify your USCF membership ID and expiration by visiting the USCF’s Member Services Area. Anyone can become a USCF member. Players new to tournament chess are welcome to play.

This event is open ONLY to students attending Texas Schools, including home schoolers residing in Texas
All players in this event must be in 12th grade (or lower).

This event offers 11 rated sections: (March 2021 ratings used)
Choose your section based upon your grade level. There is no ‘playing up’. Review the TCA rules for section placement.

  • “Championship” sections are open to all players, including Unrated, with the grades specified.  JV and Novice sections are only open to those with established or provisional US Chess ratings below that threshold, including Unrated.
  • Ratings for pairings and section purposes are according to US Chess higher of Regular over the board ratings or US Chess Online Quick ratings, using the US Chess March 2021 Rating Supplement. This event will be US Chess online rated after it concludes.
  • Students may play only in a Championship or Under section allowed by their grade and rating.  That means that a K or 1st grade student, for example, may play in K-1, K-3 or K-5 sections.  Students in 5th grade or below cannot play in sections higher than a K-5. Students in 6th through 8th grade can only play in 6-8 Section and, likewise, students in 9th through 12 grade can only play in 9-12 sections.
  • If a player does not have an established US Chess rating (Regular or Quick Online) in the March Rating Supplement (and is therefore “unrated”), then he/she may play in any section allowed for his/her grade.
  • The tournament staff will have discretion over determining if a child’s multiple ratings qualify him/her for an “Under” section.
  • There will be a warmup event on Saturday, March 27 at 10am Central/9am Eastern in which is highly encouraged for kids to play and practice using the site. This tournament will be 5 rounds of 5+1 and will only take one hour. (There are no prizes — the intention is to test your computer, internet, and get used to registering and playing in an event.
  • Unrated players will be listed at a rating of 400 on the tournament day for tournament purposes.
  • Although team prizes will be awarded, there will be no pairing restrictions.  Although it may not happen often, teammates may play each other depending on their scores.  

This quick rated tournament begins at 10am on April 3rd.

All sections have 7 rounds of G/15 +5.
The remaining rounds will follow as soon as possible.
The entire event should take no more than 5 hours.

The results of the tournament will not be final until ChessKid analyzes them for fair play. As soon as results are complete, players will be notified and the event will be rated with the USCF.

Awards to the top 10 individuals and the top 3 teams in each section.
The top finisher in each Championship section will be named 2021 State Champion for that section!

Registration and information
Register, request or renew a USCF membership (optional if not expired!) and pay online. The entry fee is $35 by midnight, March 22nd. $50 by midnight, March 29th. (A special warm up event is offered on March 27th at 10am for all players who have registered by March 22nd.)

Withdrawal requests made by email by March 29th, 2021, 11:59pm are eligible for a full refund (minus a $5 service fee).

No email or phone entries accepted. You must register online here.

Email, (713) 530-7820, or, (915) 256-7783 with other tournament related questions.
Email with questions.

Organized by the Texas Chess Association

View the preregistration list here.