What is a Regional warm up event?

There will be a warm up event at 7pm on Thursday, March 4th for all pre-registered participants of the Region V and VI Scholastic Championships. This event is optional but encouraged. The warm up event is 4 rounds and has a time control of 8 minutes with a 1 second increment. There are no awards for the warm up event as its main purpose is to practice playing chess on ChessKid, ensure your tournament login works, learn how to join a tournament on ChessKid, and troubleshoot any issues before the real tournament.

Please see below for instructions on how to join the warm up event on March 4th.
• Log into ChessKid.Com using the tournament username that will be shared with you a few days before the event. If you have a different ChessKid Username that you normally use, it will NOT work for this tournament. You will use the same login for the warm up event that you will use for the actual tournament.
• Click on Play -> Play vs. Kid
• Click on your tournament section on the right
• Click “JOIN”. The “JOIN” button will appear 30 minutes before the tournament starts
• Stay on this page and your game will start automatically between 7:00pm-7:03pm CST when the warm up event begins