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Spicewood Springs Chess Club Online Charity Chess Tournament

The Spicewood Springs Chess club will have a charity chess tournament on July 30th, 2023. The tournament is USCF ONLINE RATED.

The Basics:
The format is a 5 round swiss, with a G15+2 time control. The tournament will be held on on July 30th at 10am, CST. All participants must have a account and an ACTIVE USCF membership (cannot expire before 7/31/2023 – no JTP’s). All proceeds will be donated to
Children’s Hope India.

Registration and Payment:
Register online here!
The entry fee is $12. Payment will be made on PayPal. Registration (and the date to withdraw) closes on July 27th More details can be found on our registration form.

Current Memberships required:
Please join and USCF.

Details on how to join can be found here.

The tournament will be held through our club, so all participants must join. A link to join can be found here.

Details on how to create a USCF membership can be found here. has certain Fair-Play regulations in order to minimize cheating. These can be found here. If a Fair-Play violation is detected, you will be banned from, and will not be able to play tournaments with us for six months.

Children’s Hope India:
Children’s Hope India (or CHI) is a charity that lifts children from poverty to prosperity by providing education, nutrition, medical care and career building.

More about CHI can be found here.

The tournament starts at 10:00 A.M. CST on July 30th.

If you have any questions, please email us at