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July Rapid – 7/24 – all proceeds will be used to plant trees

Chess For Trees is a nonprofit.

The tournament will consist of an Open section and a K-12 section. There will be cash prizes for the open section and trophy prizes for the K-12 section. The format of the tournament will be 5 Round Swiss – 15 minutes with 2 second increment. The tournament will be hosted on You will need a account to play the tournament. Instructions on how to create an account can be found on:

The tournament is not USCF rated. Everyone is eligible to play!

Registration Fee: $15
Registration closes on July 22
Register online today!

Prizes: $500 guaranteed in prizes plus 50% of the combined registration fee. (For example if 20 people register then $500 plus 50% of the total registration fees of (15×20 = 300) would make a total prize fund of $650.)

Open Section
1st Place: 50% of total prize fund (Based of 0 entries $250)
2nd Place: 30% of total prize fund (Based of 0 entries $150)
3rd Place: 20% of total prize fund (Based of 0 entries $100)

K-12 Section
Top 3 get trophies. Note: It may take time for trophies to be delivered. 

Fair Play
Tournament results will be finalized after 1-2 weeks in order to give time to do a fair play analysis. If determines you have cheated then you will not be eligible for any prizes and your account might be closed.’s decision is final.

Technical Difficulties
Unfortunately due to the nature of virtual tournaments nothing can be done if you lose a match or face any other difficulties due to internet issues and other technical difficulties. Note: You will not be refunded for any loss due to technical difficulties.

More Instructions
Once you have registered and paid the registration fee of $15, please join the “Chess For Trees” club on The club is private so you will have to leave a message stating your full name.

Note: Only people who have paid the registration fee will be admitted in the club.

On the day of the tournament sign into your account and go to and then on the tournaments tab you should see our tournament. Please join the tournament and wait for the rounds to start. The next round will start after all games are finished. The whole tournament will last for no more than 3-4 hours.

Please only join the tournament for your section, as if you fail to do this then you will end up playing the wrong section, and will not be counted for prizes.

If you’re playing the open section then join the July Rapid – Open Section tournament, and if you’re playing in the K-12 section join the July Rapid – K-12 tournament.

Please note:
The K-12 section will start at 11 AM CST on July 24.
The Open section will start at 4 PM CST on July 24.

Payment Information and Refund Policy
To pay for your tournament entry, please visit the event page. A payment link is located at the bottom. If the tournament is cancelled for any reason, all entries be refunded 100% . If you decide to withdraw your entry fee will be refunded as long as you contact the organizer by email no later than July 22.

Warm Up Tournament
There will be a warm up tournament on Friday, July 23 at 4 PM CST. There will be one section for all players. The tournament will be named Chess For Trees July Warm up. The warm up is optional.

If you have any questions please email us at

Please visit the EVENT WEBSITE!