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When you register your chess player for the first tournament of the school-year, please remember to verify your participant information. Grade-level and school information, as well as USCF expiration date, need to be updated in order to process any future registrations. Thank you for your help!

Local Events:

Congratulations to Rithik Sai Polavaram and his local coach Michael Feinstein for winning the National Elementary K-3 Championship section of the 2015 National Elementary Championships, held in Nashville,TN from 5/8/2015 to 5/10/2015. Rithik finished with a perfect score of 7-0! With 257 kids in his section, and over 2,000 players attending the event, this is quite an accomplishment! Results for all sections can be found at the link above.

Our new 2015 Austin Area Champions: Nitin Akella (4.5, K-5 Championship); Eli Logozar, Eric Gao, Jorn Dammann, William Hwang, & Michael Zheng (4.0, K-12 Championship) Olufemi Oyekan, Brian McNiece, & Wesley Yeung (4.0, Open Championship). Thanks for playing in the Second Annual 2015 Annual Austin Area Scholastic and Open Championships. Congratulations to all participants, and thank you for supporting chess in Austin!

Final Standings for all sections of the Casis Chess Tournament are available online. Thank you for playing! (Standings for the 2014-2015 school year Rocks & Rooks events: Austin Area Scholastic and Open Championships, Casis Chess Tournament, Region VI Championships, Spicewood Tournament, Kealing Tournament, Meridian Tournament)

Bids for the 2016 Region VI Scholastic Championships are due by June 1, 2015. Visit TCA's website for more information on the contents of a successful bid (see bottom of that page). Please contact Lori Balkum, Region VI Director for more information or to submit your bid.

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