What if I show up late for a round?

In person events: If you know in advance that you will be late, simply request a bye for the round you might miss. For most in person scholastic tournaments, any player missing an opponent at the start in round 1 will be repaired asap. In subsequent rounds, the missing player has an hour or his personal ‘full playing’ time to arrive, whichever is shorter. (E.g. In a G/30 tournament the opponent would be required to wait for 30 minutes.) In our local tournaments, an effort to contact the missing player will be made. We want everyone to get a game each round! However, if a player makes this behavior a habit, that player will not be allowed to register for future events.


Online events: No byes are allowed for most online events. If a player registers and pays, he is expected to show up for each game. Each round begins automatically.

If you show up late for round 1, you will not play in the tournament. All players must ‘enter’ the online tournament system no later than 8:45am in order to complete.

If you play round 1 but show up late for a future round, you can still play the game. When a round begins, the player who has white will see his clock begin to tick down. After he makes a move, his clock stops and the player with black will see his clock tick down. If a player shows up late, his clock will simply continue to tick down until he makes a move. When a player runs out of time, his game is over and he loses. It is best for online quick events to stay close to the computer and watch for the start of each round. If you do miss a game, please let the help desk know immediately if you wish to continue playing in the tournament.