7th Annual Austin/San Antonio Shoot Out

Saturday, March 24, 2018 9:45 AM - 8:30 PM

Hosted by San Antonio Chess Club

  • Complete Chess
  • 6391 De Zavala Rd.
  • Suite 113
  • San Antonio, Texas 78249

Austin and San Antonio are competing once again! The 2018 Shootout roster is set! With 20 official boards and 2 alternate boards, the 2018 Shoot Out will be a great match-up! With team averages of 2066 (SA) and 2010 (Aus), Austin is the extreme underdog! Can they hold on to the title????
Two round rated tournament....Austin vs. San Antonio!
List of Participants!
Round 1 Round 2
Final Results by board

Tournament Details

  • Annual USCF-rated city team match open to at least 50 players
  • 25 players will represent Austin. 25 players will represent San Antonio. *20 main event players and 5 alternates for each team. All will play rated matches.
  • Each team will be ordered by rating and assigned board number. Team members from Austin & San Antonio with the same board numbers will play one another, 1 game as white & 1 game as black.
  • Time Control is G90, 30 sec increment.
  • Bring your own board, set, & clock, if possible.
  • Round 1 starts at 10:10am. Round 2 starts no later than 3:10pm. Round 2 may be played earlier if both opponents agree.
  • Team pairings will be based on March 2018 Supplement ratings.
  • Team captains are Dushyanth Reddivari, Austin and IM Miguel Medina, San Antonio


  • Valid USCF membership (thru 03/31/2018)
  • Must have an official regular USCF rating (provisional rated players NOT eligible to play in USCF rated matches - contact TD with questions.)
  • Intended for higher rated players, Shoot Out lineups in the past have rarely included players under 1700. (Players are ranked in rating order. The top 25 make it in, so it all depends on who can play.) However, if you're interested, contact the organizer of your team (below)!
  • Austin players must reside in Travis/Williamson or neighboring counties.
  • San Antonio players must reside in Bexar or neighboring counties.
  • Please make sure you can commit to playing BOTH GAMES before registering. (For registration details, see below.)


  • Complete Chess, 6391 De Zavala Rd. Suite 113, San Antonio, Texas 78249; ; https://completechesseducation.com/
  • Approximately one mile from I-10, near UTSA, on the NW side of San Antonio.
  • Playing space is on 2nd floor of a small office building.
  • Limited inside space for spectators, but outside veranda space available (parents, bring folding chairs to wait outside for your player OR find something in the area to do and come back when your player is finished).
  • Water, coffee, and sodas available for sale.
  • Many local restaurants and businesses nearby.


  • Free entry fee for "Visiting team players." $5 entry to "Home team players."
  • Please pay onsite. Cash or check, ok. Cash preferred.
  • Austin players (aka The Visiting Team) contact Nam Nguyen, Austin organizer with questions or to register.
  • San Antonio players (aka The Home Team) contact Mitch Vergara, SA organizer with questions or to register. 210-232-0422
  • If emailing your registration, please include your full name, phone number, and county of residence.

More Details

  • If you pre-register for this event, you are committing to attending.
  • Any withdrawals MUST be made to your city rep no later than 03/21/2018, 11:59pm.
  • You must arrive at the playing site no later than 9:45 and check-in. Otherwise you will NOT be paired into the main event. We'd like to start on time! Note: If your team is short players, they lose those possible points! The team with the most points at the end of the day wins the Shoot Out!
  • Please bring your own board and clock.
  • Visit this link for a tentative List of Participants!