5th Annual Austin/San Antonio Shoot Out

Saturday, August 27, 2016 9:45 AM - 8:00 PM

Hosted by San Antonio Chess Club & Austin Chess Club

  • Grady's Bar-B-Q
  • 6510 San Pedro Ave
  • (at Jackson-Keller, about 1.5 miles INSIDE Loop 410)
  • San Antonio, Texas 78216
Two round rated tournament...25 boards...Austin (2042) vs. San Antonio (2033)!
Round 1 Results
Round 2 Results

Finalized List of Participants!

Tournament Details

  • Annual USCF-rated city team match open to at least 40 players
  • 25 players will represent Austin. 25 players will represent San Antonio. We have space for 5 alternates for each team to also play rated (match) games.
  • Each team will be ordered by rating and assigned board number. Team members from Austin & San Antonio with the same board numbers will play one another, 1 game as white & 1 game as black.
  • Time Control is G90, inc 30.
  • Bring your own board, set, & clock, if possible.
  • Round 1 starts at 10:15am. Round 2 starts no later than 3:15pm. Round 2 may be played earlier if both opponents agree.


  • Valid USCF membership (thru 08/31/2016)
  • Must have an official USCF rating (NO provisionally rated players allowed) by the day of the event.
  • Austin players must reside in Travis/Williamson or neighboring counties.
  • San Antonio players must reside in Bexar or neighboring counties.
  • Please make sure you can commit to playing BOTH GAMES before registering. (For registration details, see below.)


  • Grady's Bar-B-Q, 6510 San Pedro Ave, (at Jackson-Keller, about 1.5 miles INSIDE Loop 410), San Antonio, TX 78216; (210) 805-8036; http://www.gradysbbq.com/
  • The playing room is a separate room within the restaurant. You may purchase lunch at the restaurant or choose another site.
  • Players (and spectators) may NOT bring in outside food or beverages - either you order from the restaurant or leave the premises to eat.


  • $5 entry fee for "Home team players." Free to "Visiting team players."
  • Please pay onsite. Cash or check, ok. Cash preferred.
  • Austin players (aka The Visiting Team) contact Lori Balkum with questions or to register. Austin team captains are Michael Langer and Nam Nguyen.
  • San Antonio players (aka The Home Team) contact Alfredo Garcia with questions or to register. San Antonio team captains are Gregg Stanley and Mitch Vergara.
  • If emailing your registration, please include your full name, phone number, and county of residence.

More Details

  • If you pre-register for this event, you are committing to attending.
  • Any withdrawals MUST be made to your city rep no later than 08/24/2016.
  • You must arrive at the playing site no later than 9:50 and check-in. Otherwise you will NOT be paired into the main event. We'd like to start on time! Note: If your team is short players, they lose those possible points! The team with the most points at the end of the day wins the Shoot Out!
  • Please bring your own board and clock.
  • Visit this link for a tentative List of Participants!